What is the difference between rear facing and front facing car seats?

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3There are different types of car seats that are available in the market. While everyone knows about the front facing car seats, rear car seats are a fairly new introduction. The major difference is that the rear facing car seats are meant for infants while the front facing ones are for the adults.

Difference in Design

The type of car seat is chosen based on the age of the kids. Car seats for the infant are designed in a particular way. In such seats, babies are required to face the rear of the car. This position has been recommended to be the safest option for seating, especially for small babies. There are additional safety features in rear facing seats as they are meant for infants.

Difference in Installation

Infant car seats are required to sit at an angle of 45 degrees. These seats should not move more than an inch towards any direction after they are installed. In order to get the angle correct, parents might need to keep a towel under rear facing seat.

Difference in Usage

When the baby reaches a particular age and weight, the requirement of an infant car seat becomes invalid. For this, many parents opt for convertible car seat that can be converted into front facing from the rear facing one.

Difference in Duration

While everyone can sit on front facing seats, only infants can sit on the rear facing ones. When the baby starts weighing minimum 20 pounds, the requirement of rear facing seats is negated. At this point of time, parents allow kids to sit on front facing seats.


It is necessary to make sure that the baby is seated properly on the infant seats, also known as rear facing seats. Requirements of harness should be met. Parents should also check that all the safety features are in place. Babies should be allowed to sit on the adult seats only when they reach the proper age and height. Fore more information on car seats, you can visit Tot on Board which features reviews of some of the best car seats available in the market.

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