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How do I watch Game of Thrones on my TV when my kids are not around?

Update: I am a big fan of the GOT. Period.

As someone who is seemingly into television programs, missing one episode of the favorite shows can be quite disturbing. Well with the introduction of the ‘HBO to Go’ service, from HBO, it is possible to watch most of the shows online. The best part is that if the computer / laptop can be connected to the television, many people can watch the show together.

‘HBO Go’ or ‘HBO to Go’ is an application recently launched for all those who are television buffs. It can be installed on iPad, iPhone or any android based device. Once the application is downloaded, the programs can run live on the electronic devices. The good news is that this application is soon going to be introduced as part of television program settings (as built-in feature). If one is addicted to Game of Thrones and does not wish to be disappointed by missing any of the episodes, then ‘HBO Go’ is must have. Almost every individual today has a smartphone. When the internet access is available, why miss out even a single episode of Game of Thrones? If one is traveling or away from home, all one needs is a faster internet connection to download this application and watch Game of Thrones online.

My most amazing weapon which I use for undoubtedly getting the best sound repeatedly is a pair or my Bose Quiet Comfort noise cancelling headphones which are absolutely essential when you are with your kids but also need some peaceful time for watching your favorite TV shows and doing makeup routine side-by-side. I got these ones from my friend Josh who is a headphone buff and even runs a site on them

People who are not using ‘HBO Go’ can rely on DVDs and Blu Rays but these sources take considerable time before one can enjoy Game of Thrones on television. Another alternative is to wait for the episodes to be available on Google play or even iTunes. These will not take so much time as the DVDs and one will get to watch the show sooner. A small fee will be levied if iTunes is used for streaming the television show. If someone is ready to pay that extra amount, Amazon can be a good option too.

Whatever be the choice of electronic device, one can ensure it is connected to televisions or projectors for larger display. In case if it is about one person, a small device can be perfect!

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