Why is Diaper Bag Fashionably Essential for Moms?


Motherhood is definitely a blessing and a child brings so much joy into the scene of any woman. The coming of a child clearly marks a transition of a woman into something new, like an adventure of sorts.

However, for some, motherhood changes their lively lives into a gloomy state and this may be due to the assumption that some have. They think that motherhood requires them to tone down their lifestyle. Fashion has long fallen victim to this assumption in the sense that the new mothers no longer pay attention to fashionable stuff. As a matter of fact, motherhood should offer them the opportunity to expand their horizons on what they define to be fashion.

celebrities-carrying-diaper-bagsOne transition will be that of leaving behind the handbags to pick the diaper bags. While a diaper bag may differ considerable with a hand bag, with key attention it can also outdo a handbag in terms of being fashionable.

The key question is why diaper bag is a fashionably essential product? To begin with, diaper bags have that element of functionality that makes them easily distinguishable as they retain a similar form yet alterations can be done to ensure they become fashionable. The first alteration would be material, a good diaper bag should have an easy to clean material and materials such as leather provide this function while also attaining a high sense of fashion.

There are also different styles of diaper bags which are best suited for the distance they will be carried. Backpack diaper bags are suitable for long distances as they make the hands free and are also fashionable while the messenger kind of diaper bag is suitable for a short distance and is also fashionable depending on one’s taste.

Diaper bags have different patterns imprinted on them with some being feminine by containing bright colors which attract mothers while they also take into consideration that fathers may be called upon to carry the children and they may not prefer to carry the extremely feminine bags. For them, there are more neutral bags which are also fashionable in their regard.

Diaper bags also come in different sizes and this is in respect to functionality, some people may find the bigger bags to be more fashionable and also because they provide one with the chance of carrying more stuff while others find the smaller ones to be better and use them just to carry the essentials.

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How do I watch Game of Thrones on my TV when my kids are not around?

gotAs someone who is seemingly into television programs, missing one episode of the favorite shows can be quite disturbing. Well with the introduction of the ‘HBO to Go’ service, from HBO, it is possible to watch most of the shows online. The best part is that if the computer / laptop can be connected to the television, many people can watch the show together.

‘HBO Go’ or ‘HBO to Go’ is an application recently launched for all those who are television buffs. It can be installed on iPad, iPhone or any android based device. Once the application is downloaded, the programs can run live on the electronic devices. The good news is that this application is soon going to be introduced as part of television program settings (as built-in feature). If one is addicted to Game of Thrones and does not wish to be disappointed by missing any of the episodes, then ‘HBO Go’ is must have. Almost every individual today has a smartphone. When the internet access is available, why miss out even a single episode of Game of Thrones? If one is traveling or away from home, all one needs is a faster internet connection to download this application and watch Game of Thrones online.

My most amazing weapon which I use for undoubtedly getting the best sound repeatedly is a pair or my Bose Quiet Comfort noise cancelling headphones which are absolutely essential when you are with your kids but also need some peaceful time for watching your favorite TV shows. I got these ones from my friend Josh who is a headphone buff and even runs a site on them

People who are not using ‘HBO Go’ can rely on DVDs and Blu Rays but these sources take considerable time before one can enjoy Game of Thrones on television. Another alternative is to wait for the episodes to be available on Google play or even iTunes. These will not take so much time as the DVDs and one will get to watch the show sooner. A small fee will be levied if iTunes is used for streaming the television show. If someone is ready to pay that extra amount, Amazon can be a good option too.

Whatever be the choice of electronic device, one can ensure it is connected to televisions or projectors for larger display. In case if it is about one person, a small device can be perfect!

What is the difference between rear facing and front facing car seats?

3There are different types of car seats that are available in the market. While everyone knows about the front facing car seats, rear car seats are a fairly new introduction. The major difference is that the rear facing car seats are meant for infants while the front facing ones are for the adults.

Difference in Design

The type of car seat is chosen based on the age of the kids. Car seats for the infant are designed in a particular way. In such seats, babies are required to face the rear of the car. This position has been recommended to be the safest option for seating, especially for small babies. There are additional safety features in rear facing seats as they are meant for infants.

Difference in Installation

Infant car seats are required to sit at an angle of 45 degrees. These seats should not move more than an inch towards any direction after they are installed. In order to get the angle correct, parents might need to keep a towel under rear facing seat.

Difference in Usage

When the baby reaches a particular age and weight, the requirement of an infant car seat becomes invalid. For this, many parents opt for convertible car seat that can be converted into front facing from the rear facing one.

Difference in Duration

While everyone can sit on front facing seats, only infants can sit on the rear facing ones. When the baby starts weighing minimum 20 pounds, the requirement of rear facing seats is negated. At this point of time, parents allow kids to sit on front facing seats.


It is necessary to make sure that the baby is seated properly on the infant seats, also known as rear facing seats. Requirements of harness should be met. Parents should also check that all the safety features are in place. Babies should be allowed to sit on the adult seats only when they reach the proper age and height. Fore more information on car seats, you can visit Tot on Board which features reviews of some of the best car seats available in the market.

How to decorate a child’s room beautifully

Before the baby arrives in the life of parents, they even start thinking about decorating their baby’s room. A baby is the biggest surprise and the reason of happiness for every parent. Their child’s room is really very special to them. Hence they think of creating the most beautiful world for their child in the form of their room. Parents seek expert advice as well for planning and developing a great looking room for their child. Where some parents contact interior decorator for that, some go in for recreating it on their own. Explore some of the extraordinary ways for giving a beautiful touch for your child’s room.

Ways to decorate your child’s room

1. Space out things appropriately: While planning up the layout and designing of child’s room, it is essential to create space for every element. As kids and children love a space for their own, parents should ensure to place bed, cabinets, study room, wardrobe, etc… in a space out manner.

2. Choose their favorite color in themes: Themes play a major role in decorating child’s room. Since children are very particular about their favorite color, patterns, themes, objects, etc… parents should try their best to create a room that reflects their child’s favorite elements. One can buy objects and place them in a contrasting combination.

3. Create customizable walls: Children often love to chalk out on walls while they are spending time in their room. Hence parents should paint their walls with colors that can easily remove the drawings, paintings, etc… done by children. This would also help children to create their masterpiece time after time.

4. Install Baby monitor: Baby Monitors are available in stylish designs and colors. Parents can easily install them as a safeguarding tool along with a decorative element in baby’s room. They can buy a baby monitor matching the theme and pattern of room.

5. Lightning: Lighting plays a vital role in beautification of any living space. Lightning should not be ignored in child’s room. With appropriate placement of a variety of lights in child’s room, the room would appear to be beautiful and as dreamed of. Proper lightning would facilitate the child in appropriate reading and studying. This would relieve his or her eyes from straining as well.

6. Favorite cartoon characters: Cartoons are child’s favorite one. They surely have one cartoon character which is their favorite. Hence parents can think of placing their child’s favorite character in room. It can be in the form of sticker, wall paintings, etc… Stickers can be easily placed and removed from bed, cabinets, wardrobe, etc…

7. Add murals on wall: Mural Painting is very much in trend these days. By placing vibrant colored murals on walls, parents can ensure to create their child’s room in the most fascinating manner. Murals can be plain, textured, animistic, 3D, etc.

8. Install holding shelves on walls: Since children must indulge into reading, parents can place a book holder on wall. The book holder would comprise of several educational books that would help their child from every aspect.